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Innovative, Unique and Individualized Occupational & Physical Therapy.


Our therapist follow the highest of sanitization standards while providing 

the most needed of therapies in the home during these difficult times.

However we understand and respect that this might not be possible

in all family's homes at this time.

This is when the Tele-health option is the best of both worlds!

Therapy can continue without the concern of COVID-19.

Providing Skilled Pediatric

Occupational & Physical therapy

My Child struggles with:

  • Social Skills

  • Fine Motor skills

  • Handwriting

  • Attention/Focus

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • ADL's 

  • Sequencing

  • Life Skills

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Posture

  • Strength

  • Poor Endurance

  • Gait

  • Orthopedic concerns (broken bones)

Accepted Insurances

  • Wellcare/CMS

  • Straight Medicaid

  • Gardiner Scholarship

  • McKay Scholarship

  • BCBS (out-of-network)


  • Evolution Healthcare 

  • Private pay rates available

  • Check back we are always adding more!

No Wait LISt


Hetherington Therapy has worked wonders for our son. Every therapist he has worked with has really taken the time to get to know him and his strengths and needs. They are incredibly knowledgeable and make sure to balance the work with lots of fun so that he looks forward to his sessions every time. We are so thankful for the amazing growth we have seen thanks to them!

Amanda Norman

Hetherington Therapy has been amazing! I love that the therapists come to your home and work on real life issues. We have two sons on the spectrum who have greatly benefited from occupational therapy. Mr. Rell had our son riding a bike in a couple of visits and has helped him with his sensory issues. We are so thankful for Hetherington Therapy as we have used other agencies in the past and did not see progress. Mr. Rell listens to areas we want to work on with our children and works on those areas of concerns along with the overall goals of the plan. We could not be happier with the services we are getting! I wanted to add that Nick and Staci are amazing too! They have a passion for helping kids and the community. Nick helped us with insurance issues so we could get the much needed services for our boys! We love Hetherington Therapy!

Menz family

Hetherington Therapy delivers outstanding service. Nick & Staci have become an extension of our family and have easily bonded with our son with special needs. We have continued to see him make gains in many areas of need - life skills, social engagement, and functional academics - and as a parent, that is what therapy is all about - seeing the progress. Highly recommended!”


Jeff Marquis

“Nick and Staci have become an extension of our family. Nick was there through our early stages of our diagnosis and both of them have held our hand and been a counselor and advisor throughout our good times and our hard ones. Thank you Hetherington Therapy for all you do for our entire family."


Katie Rallo

"Nickolas Hetherington I just want you to know that my boys love love you all.  They will wake up at 5:45 in the morning on day of therapy, and the first thing out of their mouth will be, "yay I get to go to OT today I can't wait." Thank you to all of your wonderful staff members for being so awesome with my boys."

Jessica Allard

"I finally found your web page. I was ecstatic that Nickolas ran into you. Nickolas has excelled in So many ways from communication, personality and much more thanks to all your hard work. As a mother I have also learned to comprehend Nickolas and work with him during challenging times due to your willingness to teach me. I wish you nothing but success in your new endeavors!! Your a true asset to this community."

Nicole Abroe