Meet Our Physical Therapist's

Homecare, Physical Therapy, Pediatrics

Mrs. Criseyde graduated with her Master's of Science in Physical therapy from University of Miami in 1996. She has extensive background working with all ages, however she has a passion for working with infants and children. She strives to continually learn and grow as a physical therapist to provide the best possible care. Criseyde also puts forth high energy and liveliness into each treatment and finds it rewarding to watch her children improve and reach milestones.  She enjoys the special bond that develops when working with each child.

Ms. Erin was born in California and raised in Mississippi, and recently moved to Brevard County for her husbands work.  With 7+ years working in the PTA field working in the outpatient geriatric population she has always had a passion for pediatrics.  After the birth of her now 10 month old daughter she made the change to pediatrics and now she loves hitting those small victories with these kiddos!

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