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We put FUN in FUNctional!!

Visually Impaired?  No limits you can still play GOLF!

OT helps with a child's independence, out in the community through shopping.

Horseback riding? Absolutely! OT can help

Social skills and money management out in the community!

Children don't know limits, they just know FUN!

Gross motor skills including balance in a Bounce House? YES!

Life Skills!  Yes at Publix.  Real life settings.

Can't forget fine motor scissor skills! In the home!

Visually Impaired but learning and writing Math!  Anything is possible!

Homecare, Pediatrics

Bilateral involvement and hand-eye coordination.

Working on substraction and calculator skills with an enlarge screen to promote Independence!

Families are Always encouraged to participate  in therapy, carryover and homework are always a must for success!

Feeding Therapy?
Absolutely we work on that as well.

Severe Cleft pallet repair and now she is eating!

Working on cars?!
Yes! Why not ? 
Remember anything is possible!
This  is a great skill building activity .

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